Global Climate Changes Affecting Korea?


Global Climate Changes Affecting Korea?


Korea used to take pride in the 4 seasons.

The 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall(Autumn), Winter

used to be equally divided into 3months each.


However recently Spring and Fall(Autumn) seem to have become too short.




It's summer time nowadays in Korea and its like almost 40 degrees celsius.

As you know the temperature for a human being is about 37 degrees celsius.

Apparently the weather is getting too hot and the stress levels are also rising.


Since I really like Spring and Fall, I am looking forward to the upcoming Fall.

There is a saying in Korea that Spring is the season for women,

and Fall is the season for men.

It's probably inferred from the face that women are like flowers.

The Fall is the season for men in that it might be a little bit chilly for women.


I hope we can say bye bye to this summer anytime soon.

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